Will I Ever Eat Meat Again?


It’s a question I think as a vegan or vegetarian you’ll always get asked. The classic ‘but don’t you miss bacon?’ is my favourite. Especially when I tell people I never liked it anyway.


for me giving up meat wasn’t hard because I was never a big meat eater anyway. I’ve never had a steak, I disliked lamb and pork and tended to only eat chicken if any meat at all.

I think the more and more you look into the benefits of not eating meat or the more you watch documentaries on what the animals go through/how meat’s produced, the less and less it appeals or even seems like a plausible option.

Many people will disagree,

but we really don’t need meat to get all the nutritional needs for the human body. I’m not trying to be a preacher in any way, shape or form but I do encourage people to look into the meat/dairy industry.

It may not affect you at all but it may push you to start looking into alternatives. Even if you did #meatfreemondays you’d save 28 land animals and 175 fish a year. Not only that, you’d be helping to save the environment too.

Rather than blab on about it, find some posts linked below about where you can watch documentaries or find out facts about the impact being vegan or even just going meat free for a meal or two can make;


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Love, always – B
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