Rhythm 108 Organic Swiss Chocolate Truffle Eggs

So, these bad boys were mentioned in my Sainsbury’s haul earlier this week but I had to give them their own post, cause they’re that freakin’ good.

If you’re a fan of an indulgent treat and before going vegan, you were a fan of Lindt balls. This is the answer my friends! They may be smaller but they’re the same in every way.

A pack only contains 6 eggs but they’re so rich that the 6 eggs satisfy you’re craving completely.

What’s so good about them?

♡ Vegan
♡ Soya & wheat free
♡ Gluten free
♡ Organic

Honestly, I think you could trick anyone into thinking these were just an average chocolate truffle. They’re really that good! Now, the only thing I would say is that they’re quite expensive for what they are but it’s so worth it.

Pick yours up in the following places;

Sainsbury’s £1.25
The Vegan Kind supermarket £1.99
Rhythm 108

Let me know if you’ve tried these below!

Love, always – B
Etsy shop: beccabynature

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