Hail Seitan

I recently went to London with my husband and we went to a cute little vegan junk food shop called ‘Temple of Seitan’. Their menu consisted of seitan dishes, from doner kebabs, to wings and even popcorn chicken.

My meal was absolutely banging and it inspired me to tell you about the benefits of seitan and also where you can grab some!

So, seitan.. what is it?

Seitan (say-tan) is made from wheat gluten and water, so it’s not for any of you who are needing a gluten-free diet. It’s essentially created by kneading together wheat flour with water, until a protein dough is made.

The texture is very much like chicken and this is usually what’s it’s used as an alternative for. It can be baked, fried and even deep fried depending how naughty you feel.

Temple of Seitan: Camden – Two piece meal

The benefits.

It’s a nutritious food source with one ounce having around 100 calories, 21g of protein along with some great vitamins (selenium, iron, phosphorus, calcium and copper).

Due to the starch being washed away in the process of making seitan, this actually makes it a low carb food. A serving contains around 5g. It’s also extremely low in fat!

An alternative to soy.

From tofu, to tempeh, to many other meat alternatives, most are made with soy. This isn’t ideal if you are a vegan with a soy allergy or intolerance. Seitan for this reason is an ideal alternative to meat for those people and it’s bloody tasty too!

Where can you buy it?

Aside from a lot of great ‘vegan junk food’ restaurants and takeaways, seitan can also be bought in supermarkets. So I’ve linked up a few options below;

Love Seitan – Chub – Simply (Plain) Log: The Vegan Kind Supermarket (£4.15)
2 Crisp-Crumbed Seitan Slices: Waitrose (£3)
Biona – Organic Seitan Pieces: Morrisons (£3.50)
Love Seitan brand website: here

Have you tried seitan before? Do you love the taste and texture as much as me? I’d love to know!

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled on my socials for more inspiration, illustrations and support too!

Love, always – B
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