Eat Beans Not Beings

Beans are great as a source of fiber and also protein. They’re a great way to add substance into your meal with lots of great health benefits. So let’s discuss why eating beans is so great!


From kidney beans, to black beans and even pinto beans they’re filled with vitamins, minerals and nutritional content. Within beans there’s; ♡ Iron: necessary for the transport of oxygen in the red blood cells
♡ Calcium: needed for the body to take on vitamins for the development of healthy bones and teeth
♡ Magnesium: needed to help maintain normal nerve and muscle function
♡ Phosphorous: helps to maintain normal acid balance, supports growth and aids calcium to develop healthy bones and teeth
♡ Folate: for cell function and tissue growth
♡ Potassium: regulates blood pressure
♡ Fiber: helps you feel fuller for longer and helps to improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels
♡ Protein: helps to build and repair tissues

Promote heart health.

Eating beans and legumes may help reduce your risk of disease. A review of studies found a diet rich in beans can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. They can also help to reduce blood pressure and inflammation.

Can help diabetes.

Unlike meat, beans have no saturated fat and ample fiber, which makes them a healthy exchange. They have soluble fiber, which feeds healthy gut bacteria and improve gut health. This fiber also reduced insulin resistance, which is great for those who have diabetes.

Types of beans.

♡ Black beans
♡ Red kidney beans
♡ Black eyed beans
♡ Haricot beans
♡ Cannellini beans
♡ Butter beans

What are your favourite beans? I’d love to know! Mine’s between kidney and butter beans!

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Love, always – B
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