Draw This In Your Style – Sara Faber

I’ve been a big fan of Sara Faber for the past few months. Since starting to illustrate myself, I’ve found that her style, especially for people, is something I aspire to.

When I found she did ‘Draw This In Your Style’ challenges, I decided to stop worrying about whether it was any good or not and just give it a go.


The reference for this challenge as you can see, is a girl looking over her shoulder with glittery cheeks and super cute plaits.

Time lapse.

I decided not to do the plaits, this point in my ‘people illustrations’ I’m not quite ready for that kind of challenge just yet. I decided to do a half up, half down wavy look instead but kept the other features the same, including the colour palette that Sara chose.

Here’s how I went from a plain page, to my final image.

Final image.

I’m actually really proud of my drawing. I personally love to draw with outlines and also big eyes just seem to be something I like as a feature of my drawings.

I’d love to know what you think and whether you’ve ever done a ‘draw this in your style’ drawing before. Check out more of my illustrations, along with the process itself via my Instagram. You can also shop my prints on my Shopify store – the link is below!

Love, always – B
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