You Are Not Alone

Now more than ever, a lot of us will be feeling much more lonely than usual. Whether it’s due to being stuck at home alone, not being able to see people other than those you live with or simply feeling anxious about going out so you’re feeling a bit stir-crazy in the house, I’m here for you. Not only that, but I’m going to name a few ways you can feel less lonely.

Video calls.

It’s almost second nature to a lot of us to pick up the phone and talk to someone but actually video chatting with someone can help so much in these times.

Seeing the face of your loved ones is the absolute world to many people. Even if you’ve got a busy day, do what I do and make a little show out of prepping/cooking your dinner with your friends. Having someone ‘there’ definitely makes you feel a lot less lonely.

I’ve known people to even arrange an exact time and have a date, coffee break or even a pub quiz together. Video chats are very important to not only stay in touch but keep that ‘real world’ feeling alive – if that makes sense?

Podcasts and live streams.

Okay, this may sound really strange but watching live streams whether it’s of a celebrity, singer or just someone you follow on Instagram or Facebook can make you feel like you’re living in the moment. You’re also able to join in on the chat with others and have a conversation about whatever topic they’re streaming about – definitely something that makes you feel like part of a gang.

Podcasts are actually something that’s always helped me feel less alone. No matter whether the podcast was recent or recorded a year ago, it feels like you’re listening in to a conversation that your friends are having. I personally love The Health Code and RuPaul: What’s The Tee.

WhatsApp groups.

If there’s a group of friends you hang around with usually or maybe the work gang who’re not longer in the office due to the lockdown, why not make a WhatsApp group of these people?

Having group chats with people you know either have the same interests or watch the same soap on the tele or whatever it is, can make you feel more connected – so why not do it?

YouTube tutorials.

Whether it’s crafts, hair, makeup, gaming or a cooking tutorial, following along with someone can really help make you feel more connected. Yes, it may only be a tutorial video but watching someone do something and following them at the same time can be really helpful. I know it is for me. You might even learn a new skill!

Reach out.

Last but not least, reach out. If you feel lonely and feel as though no one’s talked to you in ages, don’t forget it takes two to tango. Make sure if you feel lonely you’re getting in touch with your friends or family and making the effort too. We’re all accountable, so make sure to send them a message or pick up the phone.

I hope you’re all staying safe during this time and if any of you would like to speak to me, you’re more than welcome to. The best way to get in touch is on Instagram, my links are below so make sure to follow them!

You can also buy a print of this blog post’s featured image, along with a handwritten note, to send across to your friend or family member that you’re missing during this time – to let them you’re thinking of them. Check out my Shopify for this and more!

Love, always – B
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