Drawing Moana In My Style

If you saw my last drawing post >> Draw This In Your Style << you’ll know I’m working on drawing people. I envy all the people that are able to draw people, so I’m challenging myself to become good at it.

I love a challenge and decided to move on from drawing a copy of someone else’s sketch and try out a Disney princess and of course, my favourite.


When this film first came out on DVD I think I watched it everyday for at least 3 weeks, it’s honestly an obsession and I can’t believe I haven’t watched it on Disney Plus yet – I’m just working my way through the rest of the selection.

I decided if I was going to draw any Disney princess, it had to be Moana. So I started by finding a reference picture;

Moana review: after 80 years of experiments, Disney has made the ...

Drawing difficulties.

I have a certain way of drawing eyes and for some reason, they just weren’t sitting right when drawing Moana. You’ll see in the video that I play around with the eyes a lot but I do end up enjoying the final result.

Time lapse.

The final image.

It took me 3 and a half hours to get to the point where I was happy with the final image. I’m really proud of how far I’ve come, even in such a short space of time.

Now, who to draw next..?

Love, always – B
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