OMG It’s Vegan Pick ‘n’ Mix

Pick ‘n’ mix is definitely one of those things that people assume has no nasties in it. A lot of people don’t even realise that a lot of it’s not even suitable for vegetarians, never mind vegans.

When you do turn vegan, if you have a sweet tooth like me, you soon realise there’s a limited selection available for you. This is due to most containing traces of honey or even milk – booo!

Then, I came across OMG It’s Vegan on Instagram and saw you could buy everything you’ve ever wanted in vegan pick ‘n’ mix form.

It’s wasn’t that I could only buy rainbow belts from the supermarket anymore, I could buy cola bottles, dummys, giant strawbs, pencils and much more!

Everything you’ve ever dreamed.

There’s a lot of companies out there that do vegan pick ‘n’ mix these days, but the selection with OMG It’s Vegan brings me back to them time and time again. I’ve even turned vegan and non-vegan friends to them for their fix.

There’s choices of gummy mixes, fizzy mixes or a bit of everything. If there’s one particular sweet you like you can even just buy a whole jar of that!

There’s so much to choose from you’ll likely not know where to start, for me I’d recommend the multi mix it’s my personal favourite.

You can see their whole range here: OMG It’s Vegan

Good for you and the environment.

What I love about this company, aside from the fact they have the best sweets ever, is that their packaging is biodegradable. So after you’ve finished those sweets, you know you’re not going to be harming the environment when you recycle the bag or jar!

Also, did I mention they’re just really sweet people? They got in touch with me the other week to see if I’d draw up an illustration for them and of course, I was honoured.

For small businesses I support, a little drawing like that is no bother at all. I’m excited to see it on their website hopefully soon!

To check out more of my illustrations, recommended sweets or even just get to know me better, pop over to my socials. I’m most active on Instagram, so get to me on there!

Love, always – B
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