You Are My Sunshine

I can name a handful of people that bring joy and ‘sunshine’ to my life. Whether they make me laugh, make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside or simply just do good for the world – they’re the people that matter. For each person, they’ll have a few of them.

I created this print with those people in mind.

Tell them.

I think it’s very important to tell those who mean a lot to us and bring such joy to us just how we feel. We can do this in so many ways but one that will be guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face is through this print.

With my shop, I want to bring happiness and laughter to others. Whether you buy a cute, funny print for yourself or you buy one as a gift for someone special in your life, that’s all I want to achieve.


To make the print even more special and meaningful, I have a purpose to my shop. What I can do is send it to that very lucky person in your life with a handwritten note in the envelope. This can say anything you like;

From ‘I’m proud of everything you do‘ to ‘You make me smile everyday’. Whatever you’d like them to know!

To check out this print to send to a friend or loved one, as well as see the other options available, head over to my shop here: Becca by nature.

I’d love to know what you think of my shop and if you have any suggestions of other prints you’d like to see on there, be sure to let me know!

Love, always – B
Shopify: Becca By Nature
*For prints, commissions and printables *
I also have an Etsy shop: beccabynature

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