Bananito Chocolate & Almond Bar

I’m always pleasantly suprised by the snacks in my The Vegan Kind Lifestyle box, but I knew as soon as I picked this one out that I was going to love it. Bananas, dark chocolate and almonds.. what more could a girl want?


These Bananito bars from Mighty Bee London are around 99p for one bar and they’re a solar dried banana that’s covered in dark chocolate and crushed almonds.

Upon opening the bar, it kind of looks like the outside of an almond Magnum and it’s quite hefty in terms of the chunkiness of nuts – something I find is something companies are stingy with.


Oh it’s so good! It kind of tastes that a snickers, as the solar dried banana goes to that nougat texture and with the chocolate and nuts – it’s just everything a girl could want.

There’s a great amount of chocolate and although on seeing the bar it doesn’t look like much, it was actually just enough to keep me satisfied until my next meal – which of course is always a winner.

Where can I get one?

If you’re interested in getting a Bananito bar, they’re around 99p and can be picked up from loads of online shops. The Vegan Kind, Ocado and Borough Box just to name a few.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried a Bananito bar before, I think when we’re all out of this lockdown I’ll be ordering a bulk box of them, they’re devine!

Love, always – B
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4 thoughts on “Bananito Chocolate & Almond Bar

  1. I love bananas and dark chocolate. I am always a little leery of banana things because it seems hard to maintain the taste of real bananas when making things with them. Of course this is much worse when they are merely trying to replicate the banana taste and not preserve it –as I would suspect they are doing here.


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