Mulan: Fight Like A Girl

When I got Disney Plus, the first thing I watched was Mulan! Mulan was one of my favourites as a kid, I think because I grew up with a brother I was more into the strong girl films more than the typical Disney princess ones. Honestly, the only princess film I had on video was Cinderella.

I knew I wanted to draw Mulan and ‘fight like a girl’ was a phrase I wanted to put as a little pun. After all, she’s one of the bravest Disney characters out there.

Reference image.

I found it hard to find a reference image in the style I wanted to draw Mulan, but settled with this one from Pinterest. Pinterest is one of my favourite places to go for references but you do have to be careful, as a lotn of them are already drawings done!

Time Lapse.

Who doesn’t love a good time lapse? Unlike Moana and baby Yoda, this took me around 2 hours to do.

The final image.

I’m chuffed with the final image and have made it as a print in my store. The idea behind my store is that you send a print with a personalised handwritten message, to let them know you’re thinking of them. Of course, there’s no harm in buying a print for yourself. After all, we all need to look after ourselves.

Is there any other characters you’d like to see me draw?

Love, always – B
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