Honey & Tyson

I’ve drawn a few dogs now but never have I drawn a cat, so when Karris from The Vegan Kind approached me to draw both her cat Honey and her little Chihuaha Tyson I was honoured.

It so nice to have someone see your work and decide that they would like you to draw their fur babies and I was super excited to draw my first cat!

Reference images.

There was a lot of different angles and pictures that Karris sent me for her cat and dog. As I like to get the positions of animals correct, I also googled some sitting positions of both cats and dogs, to make sure they looked perfect!

Drawing a cat.

I really loved drawing Honey the cat. Unlike dogs, cat have very pretty features from the eyes and colouring of their fur – it’s very different to many dogs who tend to be one similar colour all over with patches of different tones.

Final image.

It took me about 4 hours to finish this piece and I was super happy with the outcome. As I always like to do, I added some sparkles in the background and asked Karris what kind of colours she’d prefer. She went with grey and that’s what I did the text with too.

I’d love to draw your pets, so be sure to get in touch if you’re looking for a piece of work. They start from £25 depending on extras you want and how many pets you’re looking to have on the image. If you’re interested, pop me a message either on my Instagram or via email.

Love, always – B
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