Why That Morning Coffee Is So Good

I’m sure I’m not alone in needing caffeine in the morning. Although I very rarely have coffee as my first drink, you can guarantee I’ve had one by 12pm. So why is the morning coffee just so good? I did some digging..


Of course, this is a super obvious one but coffee really does help to keep you alert thanks to it’s caffeine content. An average coffee has around 100mg of caffeine but this does differ depending on the type of coffee you have and also how large the cup. For example, a Grande from Starbucks can be 300mg – that’s a hell of a lot!

It’s important that we remember to not have too much caffeine though. Not only does it help to keep us alert, it can also keep your stomach alert (yes, I’m talking about your poops), so having too much can kickstart a part of you that isn’t ideal!

It’s recommended to have below 400mg of coffee a day, so according to the average coffee, try to have 4 as a maximum but of course, the less the better.


Coffee is really good for you, if consumed in moderation! In coffee beans there’s approximately 1,000 different antioxidants that can be a great source of nutrients.

If you didn’t already know, antioxidants help to fight inflammation, conditions such as arthritis and also neutralise free radicals which can lead to some chronic diseases. Basically, they protect our cells from damage and that’s a hell of a good thing.

Better exercise performance.

Fitness experts often advise it’s a good idea to mix coffee with your pre or post workout. This is because it helps to battle fatigue so will increase your energy before a workout or help with your tiredness after a workout.

Personally, I used to have coffee before a lot of my workouts and it definitely helped. The only reason I don’t do it so much anymore is mainly due to just trying to cut down – but from experience, it definitely works.

Your morning mug of happiness.

All I want to know now is, how do you like your coffee in the morning?

My ideal coffee is a hazelnut cappuccino with almond milk. Delightful.

Let me know your order in the comments!

Love, always – B
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