Girl You’re Bossin’ It

I feel like the best way to make yourself feel better is by bringing others up too. After all, you don’t take away your own shine by being nice to others.

In this world a lot of women, men and others are very much in a ‘I want to be the best’ zone. Believe it or not, it’s about being the best for the right reasons, such as kindness, support and empowerment.

Bossin’ it.

I created this print as a way for you to show a powerful woman who’s absolutely owning life that they’re doing a good job. My shop is all about making people smile and sending positivity and I’m sure this would make someone’s day.

If you’d like to send this A5 print to a girl boss you know, head over to my shop here: Girl You’re Bossin’ It.

I’ll also send a handwritten note with it too, so they know just how much you care! Just make sure to let me know what you want it to say in the notes.

What other prints would you like to see? I love making stuff you’re inspired by, so leave me a comment below!

Love, always – B
Shopify: Becca By Nature
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I also have an Etsy shop: beccabynature

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