Sticker Sale

A few months ago I had a great idea to make some plant based and dog related stickers. In theory, this was a great idea but as a novice who had no idea what she was doing, it all went a bit downhill.

Now I still have a lot of these stickers left, as they didn’t take off quite as much as I wanted them too (although, keep your eyes peeled as some more professional ones are coming soon). So I decided why not take this opportunity to sell them off to some of you lovely lot!

Vegan pack.

First off, we have the vegan pack of 6 stickers.

  • 1 plant power sticker (6cm x 6cm)
  • 1 Joaquin Phoenix quote sticker (6cm x 6cm)
  • 2 plant based babe stickers (6cm x 4cm)
  • 2 don’t ask me why I’m vegan stickers (6cm x 4cm)

This pack of 6 will be just £3 with free UK shipping! The stickers are a matte finish, they’re not waterproof and the colours are more pastel that the image here. Please note, they’ve been hand cut by me too.

They’re great for popping into diaries or scrapbooks, but I wouldn’t recommend putting them anywhere that moisture may be as I’ve been the victim of my own non-waterproof stickers in this case.
Buy them here: Vegan sticker pack.

Dog pack.

Secondly, we have the dog pack of 8 stickers.

  • 2 dog heart stickers (6cm x 4cm)
  • 2 I work for my dog stickers (6cm x 3cm)
  • 2 I apologise to my dog stickers (6cm x 3cm)
  • 2 dogs, coffee and Instagram stickers (6cm x 4cm)

This pack of 8 will be just £4, with free UK shipping! As with the vegan pack, these stickers are not waterproof but they are perfect for using in scrapbooks or planners. They could also be used on anything in your home that’s not going to be near moisture.

The only difference with these stickers is that they’re on shiny sticker paper. Like the vegan ones they’ve been hand cut by me and the colours aren’t as bold and black as I’d like them to be. They’re more of a charcoal grey, so please be mindful of this when ordering.
Buy them here: Dog sticker pack.

More stickers.

In the future I’d love to make new stickers and would love to know what you like, so leave me suggestions in the comments. I think before I make any, I’ll be doing some polls on my Insta-stories, so be sure to follow me on there! @thebeccabynature

Love, always – B
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