Followers Don’t Mean Shit

It’s a saying I’m pretty sure you’ll have heard before and never was a truer word spoken. I think it’s so important for people to realise that appreciation isn’t always measured in numbers.

Since January, I completely changed my blog and Instagram to be a much more vegan and illustration based one. Since then, I’ve had days where I’ve lost maybe 20 followers in a day. Other days, I’ll gain 5.

I think in the world we live in, it’s hard to not think of followers as a gauge of success. What we need to remember that it’s more important to have followers that appreciate your feed and blog, rather than a high number of them.

I’ve finally got to the point where I’ve realised that numbers don’t mean anything. Of course, when I eventually reach a milestone of say, 7k that will be amazing but if it takes me 5 months to get there – that doesn’t matter.

As long as I’m putting out content that I believe in, the number of likes, comments and followers doesn’t matter. All you need to believe in is yourself, so keep going and others who truly appreciate your work will follow.

I’d love to check your feeds and blogs out, so be sure to leave your links below!

Love, always – B
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6 thoughts on “Followers Don’t Mean Shit

  1. Hi, blogging is a catharsis for me just like cooking. Keep doing what “you” do and the rest would “follow”
    Thanks and much appreciated for sharing


    1. Definitely, I think a lot of us do and we need to remember as long as we like what we’re putting out, that’s all that matters 🥰


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