Buttermilk Vegan Hot Cross Bun Fudge

I’ve always loved fudge, for some reason it reminds me of my mum and I think it’s because whenever I’d buy a pick ‘n’ mix when I was younger, she’d always ask me to put some fudge in for her.

There’s something so very satisfying about fudge. It’s hard but creamy, it’s absolutely delicious and hits the spot for your sweet tooth with just a couple of pieces. When I got some fudge in my The Vegan Kind April box, I was thrilled.

Hot Cross Bun.

With the April box being based around Easter, the fudge of course was themed that way. I wasn’t sure what to think about the flavour at first but my goodness, it works.

Within this fudge was raisins, fruit peel and mixed spices. I found that the flavour of a hot cross bun came through but wasn’t overpowering to the fudge itself. It still had that cosy creamy feeling that I absolutely love. You can get yours here: The Vegan Kind Supermarket.

Environmentally friendly.

What I also love about this fudge is that it uses natural ingredients, it’s of course dairy free but also gluten free. My favourite part is that no palm oil is used and of course, that’s always a highlight of a product for me. Maybe I should do a post on that? What do you think?

Overall, this Buttermilk fudge was absolutely delicious and it’s something I’d love to buy again! I’ve definitely got my eyes on the vanilla flavour.

Love, always – B
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