Lola & Candy

A couple of weeks ago my Brother asked for me to draw his two cats, Lola and Candy. I feel that when a family or friend asks for you to draw something for them, it really means a lot as it shows they truly believe in your work and that’s such a nice feeling.

Reference pictures.

It’s very rare that you see Candy and Lola together in one place, so after getting photos of them both from my brother and sister in law, I also looked on Google for poses of cats sitting together. I always find that looking for a certain pose you like makes it easier for the picture to come together. After all, you don’t want the cats to look unnatural.

The process.

Candy – the tortoise shell cat – was a new challenge to me. It’s the first time I’ve drawn a pet with such unique fur. I ended up using layers upon layers of black, ginger and a dark brown colour with plenty of brush strokes and blending to make it look like her fur.

The final image.

After finishing up the image with my iconic sparkles and text, here we have the final piece. I’m really proud of this picture and it’s one of the first ones I’ve printed in A4! Yes, I do A4 portraits now, so get in touch if you’re after one, I absolutely love drawing your pets!

Love, always – B
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