Super Sweet

Strawberrys. Not only are they super sweet they’re also little mouthfuls of amazing nutrition and I’m about to tell you all about how good they are for you!


Strawberries have a very high water content and in turn, this means that the carb levels are very low. Putting strawberries in water or eating them as a snack will not only provide you with a great taste sensation, it’ll also contribute to your water intake throughout the day!


As advised before, they’re very low in carbs but the carbs they do have come from simple or ‘unrefined’ sugars. This means in essence, natural sugar. The sugar that they do contain is low in terms of GI and this means they won’t lead to spikes in blood sugar levels.

This means for diabetics, they’re safe to eat for getting your sugary fix with less risk. This is as the berries slow down glucose digestion and reduce spikes in both glucose and insulin.

Health benefits.

The dietary fibers in strawberries are very important for feeding the friendly bacteria in your gut and in turn, can help improve digestive health.

Studies have also found that anthocyanins in strawberries can help to improve heart health. Anthocyanins are the reason for bright fruits and flowers. The brighter the fruit, the more chance it is to be good for heart health – so make sure to eat those super red strawberries!

Strawberries have also been linked to the following;

  • Improving vascular function
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Improving the blood’s antioxidant status

Vitamins & minerals.

There’s a lot of vitamins and minerals within strawberries, but the main ones are;

Vitamin C: this helps to improve the immune system and is also great for the skin.
Folate: helps with normal cell function and tissue growth.
Potassium: helps to regulate blood pressure.
Manganese: an essential vitamin for the functioning of your brain and nervous system.


There’s a few antioxidants found in strawberries; pelargonidin, ellagic acid, procyanidins and ellagitannins to name a few.

Antioxidants are a great substance that slows damage to cells caused by free radicals. They play a role in preventing diseases such as cancer and heart disease. This is why it’s important to have plenty of them within your daily diet.

Eat your berries.

Overall, strawberries are a great snack and addition to your everyday diet. They’re low calorie, healthy and high in so many good vitamins and minerals. So why not eat some of these super sweet fruits today?

Love, always – B
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