Indie Bay Smokin’ BBQ Pretzel Bites

First of all, don’t be fooled by this name. Unfortunately, they are not pretzel shaped bites. In fact, if I’m being honest they’re not really like pretzels at all but nevertheless, they’re a great snack for someone out there – just not for me.

I feel like most food reviews I do, I big up the product and talk about how much I like it. Generally, I do like most foods but occasionally there will be one that just isn’t for me. This isn’t to say it’s not a good snack, it definitely is. Just not for my tastebuds.

Not for me.

I got these Indie Bay Pretzel Bites in my The Vegan Kind April box and decided to give them a whirl the other day. I’m into my savoury products but honestly, BBQ isn’t a flavour I would tend to reach for. I like salty or spicy snacks mainly.

Upon opening the pack. I was first of all surprised to see that the pretzel bites were like little round balls of flavour. They looked super coated with the flavouring, which of course is great.

What a punch.

Wow, they’re barbecue-y!

The texture of the bite itself reminded me of a hard wotsit. Now I know that doesn’t sound nice, but it didn’t like melt in the mouth but still had a sort of ‘airy’ texture too. Think of a biscuit bite mixed with a hard wotsit – not something that sounds appealing but the texture was great.

The flavour, wow. It was very smoky, very BBQ, very not me. After eating around 5 it was just too much for my tastebuds. Although the first one tickled my pickle, the more I ate the less enjoyment I had so honestly, I just gave up.

If you like smoky BBQ flavour these are definitely for you. They’re natural, a source of fiber, no trans fats, vegan and a source of protein. Perfect for on the go.

To try them for yourself, or even look at their other flavours, head over to the Indie Bay website here: Indie Bay Snacks.

I’d definitely like to try the chocolate covered and the rock salt ones as they sound way more up my street!

Love, always – B
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