Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Eye Serum

Skincare is one of the most important things to me. Personally, if my skin’s looking good then it doesn’t matter if I have greasy have, no make up on or I’m wearing dirty clothes, I’ll still feel great. I have recently added just a couple of new items to my skincare and it’s really upped the game. A few months ago I went cold turkey and decided to start again with my skin, as I know it can sometimes get bored of the same products over and over. You can read more on this here: How Stopping Using Skincare Saved My Skin

Dr Botanicals.

At the start of this year I was lucky enough to be gifted a couple of products from Dr Botanicals. I’ve always loved their stuff as not only is it around 95% natural, it’s also vegan and cruelty free. Win win.

I was gifted some of their pomegranate eye serum and after a couple of months of using it now and then, I decided to really start using it as part of my routine. Afterall, the skin around your eyes is really thin and it’s important to look after it.

What’s in it?

This serum is infused with pomegranate extract to deliver antoxidant activity to the delicate eye area, to smooth and brighten the area. This in turn, gives you radiant looking skin.

Another key ingredient is the raspberry oil with contains both vitamin E and essential fatty acids. This helps to saturate the skin with moisture and form a protective layer to ward off external aggressors – the words of Dr Botanicals.

How do I use it?

After I’ve washed my face at night and moisturised, I’ll get a couple of drops of this serum onto the tips of my fingers and super gently massage it in to both my eye brow area and underneath my eyes. It feels so amazing on the skin, like you’re giving it a good treatment. What I love is that when I wake up in the morning, my eyes aren’t all puffy (unless hayfever has struck) and they’re super moisturised.

I’d highly recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a new eye cream or treatment. I tend to struggle with eye creams, as my eye area is extremely sensitive and can become very dry and flaky. Luckily, this product works wonders for my eyes and I’ll be using it for many months to come!

If you want to grab your own, head over to their website here: Dr Botanicals.

I’ve in no way been asked to write this post but if you wanted a discount, you can use my code BECCA30. It is an affiliate code but provides you with a discount, so why not use it? After all, I’ll only use the money to buy more of this eye serum for me!

Love, always – B
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4 thoughts on “Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Eye Serum

    1. Hey Maria, thanks for stopping by. I personally don’t have dark circles so couldn’t comment on that but I do find it makes my eyes brighter!
      It might be worth checking out reviews on their website or the team are really friendly so just pop them a message on social media 😊


    1. Yes! Antioxidants work wonders for puffiness. If definitely recommend checking this out if you’re in the market for one x


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