Fancy A Vegan Oatcake Duck?

If you’re from stoke or know stoke, you’ll know that nothing. I repeat. Nothing, beats an oatcake. Whether you eat it with cheese, sausages, beans or you eat it sweet, the staffordshire oatcake is what it’s about!

The ones in the shops around where I live tend not to be vegan and even if they are, you’re not able to get one made up there as vegan bacon, vegan cheese and vegan sausages just aren’t a thing – it definitely should be though.

Me and my husband always used to have oatcakes in, so since we’re now vegan I decided to learn to make them myself and oh my, it’s so fricking easy.

Whether you’re from Staffordshire or simply fancy trying a new alternative to cheese on toast – I’m here for you. So let’s get going!


♡ 300ml soy milk
♡ 300ml water
♡ 150g oat flour (or literally rolled oats blended up into a fine flour)
♡ 150g plain flour
♡ 7g fast activating yeast (or one sachet of the ready made ones)
♡ 1 teaspoon of sugar
♡ Pinch of salt


♡ On the hob, heat up the milk and water until it’s warm but not hot. The best test is with clean hands, can you pop the tip of your finger in and leave it there – think of a nice warm bath.
♡ In a big bowl, put all the dry ingredients and mix.
♡ A little bit at a time, add in the wet mixture and whisk until it’s completed mixed together.
♡ Add cling film over the top of the bowl and put it somewhere nice and warm like an airing cupboard for at least an hour. It’s ideal if you’re able to leave it overnight.
♡ After it’s rested, the mixture should be bubbling thanks to the yeast being activated.
♡ Heat up a big round non-stick pan to a medium – high heat and add a drizzle of oil or butter.
♡ Add the mixture and move the pan around to get a thin coating all over and let it cook for around 2/3 minutes (this will depend on how hot your pan is).
♡ If you can easily get a spatula under there you’re good to go and all that’s left to do is to flip the oatcake and then fry the other side.
♡ Leave to rest on a plate and depending how much oil you’ve used, you may want to let the oatcake rest on a paper towel to get rid of the excess oil.
♡ Repeat process until there’s no mixture left and then all that’s left to do is enjoy!

Best ways to eat them.

Now personally, I like my oatcakes one of two ways;
♡ With cheese and ketchup
♡ With butter

But there’s loads of different ways you can enjoy them, here’s some options which can all be mixed together;
♡ Vegan cheese
♡ Vegan sausage
♡ Vegan ham
♡ Beans
♡ Mushrooms
♡ Tomatoes
♡ BBQ sauce
♡ Brown sauce
♡ Sriracha

I suggest putting the oatcakes under the grill for around 1 minute to heat up the outside and then flip it, add your toppings and and cheese and then wrap them up to enjoy! How do you eat yours?

Love, always – B
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