Squeeze The Day

When life gives you lemons, you bloody well eat them cause they’re delicious. As part of a sauce, as a drizzle, in a cake, as lemonade or simply eating a slice (just me, orrrr?), lemons are just so versatile and they’re also super duper nutritious. This post is going to tell you all about the benefits they bring!

Vitamins and minerals.

Lemons are filled to the brim with lots of vitamins and minerals. The main ones are;
🤍 Vitamin C: great for the immune system and also helps with skin health.
🤍 Potassium: this helps to regulate blood pressure.
🤍 Vitamin B6: this helps to convert your food into energy.
Other vitamins and minerals that are within lemons are; B5, B1, B2, calcium, copper and iron.


Of course, there’s citrus acid in a lemon – crazy right? Citric acid is actually a great organic acid that helps to prevent kidney stones from forming and also provides antioxidant benefits, which help with inflammation and protect the body from free radicals.

D-limonene is also within lemons. This is mainly in the peel so eating the zest of a lemon is great for your health. It can help with relieving heartburn and also stomach reflux, so if you suffer it’s definitely worth getting it into their diet.

Health benefits.

There’s been plenty of studies which suggest that having a high intake of vitamin C can help to reduce heart disease, heart attacks and even strokes. The fibers within citrus fruits also help to decrease blood cholesterol levels , which is great!

Overall lemons are a perfect thing to incorporate into your diet. Whether you have some lemon water or tea in the morning or use the juice of lemon for a lovely sauce or salad dressing, they’re definitely a great thing to have in your fruit bowl. Let me know how you like to use yours!

Love, always – B
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