Happily Ever After Commission

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know I’m a massive fan of supporting small businesses, especially those who’re owned by women. Girl power for life, right?!

When Katie from Happily ever After got in touch asking me to draw her some artwork for her business I was more than excited for both the opportunity and her vision.

Katie, from what I can gather, is a girly yet alternative girl. She wanted soft pinks with skulls and black incorporated into the design and I was super excited to start.

The super first draft sketch.

When a new client comes to me, I like to do a super quick 5 – 10 minute sketch to make sure I have their vision before we even discuss prices and colours. After all, I don’t want to say I’m able to do something if the vision they have is something I’m not able to create.

I’ve attached below the sketch I sent to Katie and she said that’s exactly what she wanted and so the commission began!

Full sketch.

As I now knew what Katie wanted for her artwork, I asked for reference pictures (especially in reference to herself) and also if there was any particular sweets she wanted on the artwork and she was kind enough to list me all the ones she wanted included.

I completed the final sketch and sent this off to her, as it’s at this point anything she wants changing can be done easily before we start colouring in!

My luck was in though, as she was super happy with this first sketch, so we went in with colour.

The face.

I’m relatively new to drawing people and I’m working on getting better so I can offer maybe logos and ‘simple’ portraits for people in the industry as part of my work. As (without sounding arrogant) I knew I could draw sweets, I coloured in and completed Katie’s face first and sent this across to make sure she was happy.

Again she was delighted, even saying ‘I love me’. So that made me super duper happy.

The final piece.

I cracked on with the final piece, colouring in the sweets with bright yet pastel colours to keep it soft. I sent a couple of fonts across for Katie to choose from and I’m super happy with the one she choose, it goes perfectly on the rainbow belt as a background don’t you think?!

As I’m sure you’ve seen in my art, I like to make it pop a little by adding a white block shadow and we both agreed the block shadow looked better then the slightly blurred on. We also added my signature sparkles, but this time in black to incorporate her alternative aspect.

I’m so so happy with this piece and so is Katie. I’m always so happy when someone gets in touch to ask for a commissioned art piece, as I love the opportunity to bring someone’s ideas to life!

Are you after some artwork for your business?

Get in touch, either by email or you can pop me a DM on my Instagram. Depending on the detail and type of artwork you’re looking for this will be anywhere from £15 – £30 and I base this on how long the work will take me.

I hope you love the final piece as much as me and Katie do and thanks for stopping by!

I have a Facebook page for my little business too! Simply search ‘thebeccabynature’ and give it a like and follow – it’s much appreciated and gets my name out there!

Also go check out Katie’s shop for all things sweet: Happily Ever After.

Love, always – B
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