Rhythm 108 Sweet ‘n’ Salty Almond Bar

Rhythm 108 are hands down on of my favourite vegan brands. They just know how to make sweet treats right and there’s nothing I’ve tried from that yet that I’ve not absolutely loved.

Since going vegan one of the biggest things I missed was chocolate bars. As a vegan you can’t just go to that end of aisle spot in a supermarket and pick up a good chocolate bar. You have to either buy a whole pack of chocolate bars, a big block of chocolate or settle for something as a fruit and nut bar which when you want a sweet treat sometimes just isn’t going to hit the spot.

Enter, sweet ‘n’ salty almond bars.

Now, you can buy these alone from the free from aisle but the packs of three are absolutely perfect to buy as then you can have one to hand in your bag, or at home, for when you get that craving and don’t want to risk eating a whole block of chocolate. We all do that right?

I get my bars from Sainsbury’s and the pack of 3 is £3.50.


The best thing about this bars is hands down the taste! There’s smooth almond butter with oat flour, which is then covered in smooth ‘mylk’ chocolate. The texture reminds me of a toffee crisp but without so much crispiness (if that makes sense?).

Not only are they super delicious with a kick of both salt and sweet, they’re vegan, made from natural ingredients, gluten free and and palm oil free.

What’s even better is that there’s a hazelnut flavour too, which is just a dream! Would you like a review on those too?

Love, always – B
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