Wedding Portrait: Adam & Laura

For quite a while now I’ve wanted to bring personalised digital art to my shop. Eventually, I want to start making prints for these but I want to see how they go down first, before I make that leap. After all, some people will use it simply as a laptop/phone background or even print it off themselves professionally.

So where better to start than with wedding portraits?

For so many married couples out there, their wedding day is the one which they love the photographs of. Like me, they may not actually have any printed out and displayed, even almost a year down the line – oops.


For me to show my style of drawing and not have just me and my husband as models (I don’t want people to think I’m self involved), I offered to draw a few couples at a one time price for a display in my shop.

I was so so lucky that one of these couples was Adam and Laura.

Adam and Laura.

Laura got in touch via my Instagram and said she’d love to be part of the project. She sent across a few different photographs and I personally loved this one of her and her husband sharing a kiss with flowers as part of the foreground. Original photo by (@camerahannah)

It gives something a little extra to the portrait itself.

The final piece.

I was so so happy with the final piece, I feel it shows off the gorgeous photograph perfectly whilst putting to the forefront the important details, such as Laura’s red lips, the bow on her flowers and even Adams glasses. All these little details make the couple recogniseable from such a simple portrait.

I’m chuffed to start offering these in my shop and I’m going to be selling them on Etsy and directly via my Instagram. If you’d like me to draw you and your spouse, make sure to check out either of these options for prices and what I’ll need from you. The link to my Etsy post is here: Digital Wedding Portrait.

Love, always – B
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