You Are Enough

In the world in which we live, surrounded by people from friends and family showing what they’re doing to celebrities raving about their latest achievements it’s very hard to not compare yourself to others. Whether it’s in terms of hair colour, fitness, what they’re eating, academically or even in terms of buying a house it’s hard to not to think about what you could of done so far in life. After all, we spend likely hours a day on social media, reading the news or getting notifications about it all.

You are enough.

It’s so so important to remember that everyone is different things at different stages in their lives and yes, although you may not have brought a house yet when 3 of your friends have, that doesn’t make you less valued. You are still doing great, you are enough as you are and you’ve still achieved so much.

It’s a lot harder than me just saying the words but we need to try not to focus on what we aren’t and focus on what we are. A really good way of doing this is by making a list of everything you’ve achieved so far. Whether it’s getting a job that pays the bills, getting a puppy, having a baby, painted a watercolour, passing your driving test – absolutely anything you can think of write it down. I guarantee that when you look at that list you’ll feel so proud of everything you’ve achieved. Then as life goes on, hopefully you can add more and more things to your list.

It’s important to not only be proud of others but also yourself. After all you’re more than enough, you’re you and that’s what makes you stand out!

Love, always – B
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4 thoughts on “You Are Enough

  1. Woww, beautifully penned. I was trying to cheer up a friend yesterday who has always been low, comparing herself to others. I came across your blog posts and was so impressed with the idea of listing down your achievements. I shared it with my friend and she loved it. Thank you for making her day with your great advice.


    1. This is so lovely to hear. It makes me so happy when someone gets something out of my posts. It doesn’t seem like much to make a list but it can mean a lot. Thanks so much for your support and I hope both you and your friend take care x


      1. Thanks again. Also, I have started writing about everyday struggles. If you can check out my blog and give your feedback. It would mean alot to me. Thanks !


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