You’ve Got To Be Kiwiing Me

Whether you’re a skin on or skin off kind of person, kiwi’s are a great addition to your diet providing a lot of health benefits. Not only that, they’re super tasty whether eaten alone, as part of a meal or within a fruit salad. So let’s find out why!

Great for digestion.

Kiwi fruits have plenty of fiber within them, which of course is great for digestion. Not only that, they also contain an enzyme which helps to break down protein. If you’re big into getting enough protein into your diet each day, I’d definitely recommend making sure you’re eating a couple of these each day to help get the protein broken down to aid your muscle growth!

Boosts immunity.

There’s so many great nutrients in kiwis including vitamin C, which we all know is great for both your skin health and also your immune system. Studies have shown that eating kiwis can help to reduce the chance of getting a cold or flu-like illness, so it’s definitely one to have in the house during the dreaded flu season.

Help to regulate blood pressure and clotting.

Studies have shown that eating 3 kiwis a day can help to lower blood pressure more than eating an apple a day would. In the long run, this would be less chance of high blood pressure and in turn, could also help with reducing the risk of strokes or heart attacks.

Another is that it can help to reduce the clotting of the blood. In studies completed by Oslo University, it showed that eating kiwis can have the same effect on the amount of fat in the blood as a daily dose of aspirin.


There’s a lot of people out there who are allergic to the kiwi fruit. For some it’s the juicy flesh and for others, it’s just the skin itself so it’s always something to be aware of if making a drink or some food for someone else when they pop round.

It’s said that in rare cases, the kiwi due to it’s properties to stop blood clotting can also increase bleeding. As someone who personally suffers with blood not clotting correctly, the kiwi isn’t something I should eat to regularly just to be on the safe side – which is why I’m telling you all about this too! Due to this, it’s advised that if you’re due to have surgery you should avoid eating them.


Aside from the pros and cons listed above, kiwis provide so many nutrients and vitamins to you when eaten. Per one fruit there’s 2.1g fiber, more potassium that a banana (wowzas) and lots of vitamin C.

They may not seem like much but if you ever see them in the supermarket, be sure to pick them up! They’re a great booster for lots of different reasons.

What’s your favourite way to eat kiwis? I’d love to know!

Love, always – B
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