Hippeas: Salt and Vinegar Vibes

It’s no secret I love my The Vegan Kind box and all the goodies that come in it. For my love of snacks, I sacrifice the fact I’m intolerant to chickpeas and always try the snacks I get that have some form of chickpeas in them. Otherwise I wouldn’t be getting my money’s worth of be able to bring you these reviews would I? Let’s just call it research, so you don’t have to take a risk.


Anyway. I waffle on. Hippeas are a chickpea based puff. In the words of Hippeas themselves ‘they’re for the modern day hippy’. What’s so great about them is that they’re vegan, nut free, organic, gluten free, wheat free and soya free! The puffs come in six flavours overall and the ones I got in my box were the salt and vinegar vibes. The pack is £2.29 from The Vegan Kind Supermarket and if you click on the link, you can see all the other flavours they do too!

Salt and Vinegar Vibes.

So what did I think? In terms of the texture of them, they’re very much like a chunky wotsit puff. Think of a wotsit itself, when it’s been allowed to eat whatever it wants to. The pack is 78g and honestly, they’re not a filling snack. What I mean by this is I wouldn’t recommend them if you were trying to bridge a gap between your last meal and your next one. For me, they’re better enjoyed as part of a meal or a bigger snack. So maybe pairing them with a sandwich or some fruit.

The salt and vinegar flavour itself is there but not overpowering, so if you’re a fan of the tangy flavour you can often get from salt and vinegar crisps, these aren’t going to do that.

No bloat.

Surprisingly these didn’t bloat me as much as I expected but the packet was on 78g with a 34% chickpea content, so that’s not too much at all. I was very happy with this and for this reason, I would buy these crisps again but I would likely lean to wards the other flavours as I’m more of a spicy girl that a salt and vinegar one.

Have you tried any crisps from the Hippea range? If so, I’d love to know which flavours you’d recommend!

Love, always – B
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