Bob & Polly

One of my favourite things to do is draw your pets. Cats especially are such beautiful creatures to draw and I was absolutely thrilled when someone I used to work with a few years back got in touch to ask me to draw her two cats.

Bob & Polly.

Bob, as I’m sure you can tell, is the big brother in this pair. He’s super cute and compared to tiny little Polly he looks like a big bear. From looking at the pictures sent to me, I had an inkling that Bob was protective over Polly and for this reason, decided to draw them both stood up with Bob a little bit further forward, as if he’s leading the way.

When sending my sketch to Cindy, just to make sure that the sizing of the two was right, she actually said the pose couldn’t be more perfect as Bob is such a protective big brother to Polly herself – so I was thrilled.

Colour choices.

Once the sizing of the two cats was right, this is when I started to colour them in – which is my favourite part. I absolutely love the markings on cats and in this case, Polly had such gorgeous markings of a mixture of browns, greys and even a bit of black . Merging the colours to make her fur was difficult, I can’t lie, but I love a challenge when it comes to drawing.

I’d been asked to use soft pinks and greys for the ‘sparkles’ and anyone who knows me will be aware that pink is always a winner in my books. I tried something a little different with this image and did a soft pink spotlight blur behind the two cats, just to make them pop a little bit more.

The final piece.

I’m so happy with the final piece, I feel like Polly’s gorgeous little face is just so perfect, especially next to Bob’s cuddly bear face! If you want a commission doing for you, be sure to get in touch with me on either Instagram or email. Prices start from £20, this will be dependent on whether you want digital only, a print sent out and how many pets are going onto the print itself. I look forward to hopefully drawing some of your pets!

Love, always – B
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