A Family Portrait

After posting my new wedding portrait venture on Instagram, an old friend got in touch to ask if I could do something in the same style but for a family portrait. I wasn’t sure why I hadn’t thought of this before and of course was more than happy to get started! As I’ve mentioned in other posts, it’s so nice when someone you know personally gets in touch for a piece of your work. Support is everything and I’m thankful to all of my clients past, present and future!

The family.

For this portrait there was a toddler, mum and dad and boy oh boy, is this photo great! I love how their little boy is wearing white and they’re both in black, it really makes the image pop. I also loved the red lipstick that Chelsea was wearing, as this also gave another pop of colour to the photo.

The final piece.

I absolutely loved drawing this little family portrait. I found it tricky to show dimension on the black clothing but think I managed to pull it off in the end. I kept the background a similar colour to their original photograph, as it keeps the image quite monotonal and bold, something which I love. This is something I’m thinking of bringing to my shop soon starting from around £15. Would you be interested in family portraits? Any ideas you have, be sure to let me know below.

Love, always – B
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