Prodigy Coconut Cahoot Bar

If you’ve been looking for a vegan bounty alternative (touchy subject I know as a lot of people don’t like coconut) then look no further. This bar is perfect to get your fix of something sweet without being too naughty. Prodigy are known for their no refined sugar chocolate bars, that still taste like you’re having a treat. You can see my reviews for their other bars here;
Chunky Chocolate bar
Peanut Caramel Cahoots

The vegan bounty.

This bar is the perfect amount of chocolate and coconut. Unlike a bounty, the middle of the bar isn’t coconut alone it’s like a little mixture of desiccated coconut, fruit syrup and cocoa butter but it still gives you the same tropical vibes of a bounty bar.

It’s the perfect size to curb your sweet tooth, it’s tasty and satisfying all at the same time. Although it feels like a treat, it’s not overly unhealthy at all. There’s only 6.3g of unrefined sugar and 3g of fiber in each bar.

Get your hands on one.

These bars are available from Prodigy directly and you can get them in boxes of 3, 6 or 24 here: Coconut Cahoot bars. I’d highly recommend checking out their other bars too, after all having a sweet treat that’s not too naughty is a perfect way to get your fix! Have you tried any of Prodigy’s bars? I’d love to know what your favourite one is.

Love, always – B
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