Salt and Vinegar Banana crisps?!

I know, I know. I bet you’re reading the title of this post just as I read the packet of these crisps and thought, what the heck? Banana crisps that are salt and vinegar flavoured, there’s no way that would be nice but my god, I was so wrong.

Just like crisps.

When I opened the packets of these crisps, they immediately smelt like the most delicious salt and vinegar crisps. As a vegan, salt and vinegar crisps are a tricky one to find as so many recipes use milk in their crisps (I’m looking at you Walkers)! The crisps themselves, literally looked like crisps. You could tell it was banana as of course the shapes were cut bananas and you can see the ‘seeds’ (are they seeds?) inside the fruit itself.

The only way I can describe the texture of these are chewy and crispy all at the same time. The taste was absolutely spot on and I loved them so much that I will definitely be picking more up if I find them in the shops or when I’m placing any orders online.

Katie’s Food.

On the website it states: ‘Together, the two friends committed to sharing the exotic and unique flavour of Thai bananas crisps with the world. To develop a functional snack that is also fun. To source and market that snack in a socially responsible manner.’ How amazing is that?

Not only do they have salt and vinegar flavour, they also have Himalayan Salt, Mixed Herbs and Thai Sweet Chilli – all of which sound right up my street! Which flavour do you think would be your favourite, I’d love to know?

Love, always – B
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