Lotus Biscoff & Go

I’m a big fan of Lotus spread, whether it’s actual biscoff or the fake stuff from Aldi, I’m always happy to be consuming it! When I got the Lotus & Go pot in my The Vegan Kind box the other month I was over the moon. I have this weird thing where if I’m really excited to have something, I like to keep it as long as possible so it’s really a treat when I go to eat it (don’t ask, I’m weird), which is why this review has been a long time coming!

A dreamy snack?

In this pot you get a little servings of Lotus biscoff smooth spread with some little bread sticks for dipping. Sounds good right? Well yes, it is. The biscoff as always is a dream, the smooth biscuttyness is just perfect for that sweet craving. The bread sticks are the perfect size and have a great crunch that perfectly compliments the smoothness of the spread. As always when eating this, I couldn’t get the ratio quite right and ended up with one bread stick and about a quarter pot of spread – it did mean I got to just shovel that spread in with my last stick though!

Not cost effective.

Yes, this little snack pot is perfect for on the go but honestly, I think I’d prefer to get a box of bread sticks (which is like a £1) and then just dip them into a pot of the spread I already have or even if you don’t have that, it’s like £2.50. So the same cost as 3 of these pots which come in at £1.29, The Vegan Kind Supermarket. If you have a good tub with sections, you can easily save yourself money and make them up yourself at home, just saying!

Overall I did love this little snack, although I think I’d hyped it up too much in my head. I probably won’t be buying one again, as I’ll just make one myself at home and by make one, I mean dip bread sticks into a big jar of Lotus until I’ve had enough, haha!

So, the question is: are you a smooth or crunchy Lotus spread person?

Love, always – B
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