Walli & Loki

As I’m sure you all know by now, I love love love drawing your pets. From dogs, to rabbits and cats they’re my favourite thing to draw. They all have such different markings and personalities and knowing that you’ve chosen me to draw one of your pets is the best feeling ever, it makes me so so happy.

Walli and Loki.

The lovely Annette got in touch with me a few weeks ago after a drawing of her two rescued cats. They both are very similar in terms of colour but as you can see from the photos Walli has a slightly different marking on his face and Annette told me that Loki is a little smaller. When doing my first sketches, especially if there’s more than one pet, I like to ask which pet is smaller as it makes it easier for me to get the proportions right.

One thing I loved about Walli and Loki was their eyes. I know it might sound a little strange but they actually have eyes that look cartoony and when drawing them, I really wanted to make sure they popped in the picture, as I felt it somehow brought out their personalities.

The final piece.

For the final piece we added their names, as well as some hearts around the cats themselves. I love doing this, as to me it makes the picture a bit more ‘fun’ and quirky – which as I’m sure you can guess from looking at my artwork is my kind of style!

Walli and Loki definitely have their personalities showing through with this image and Annette said to me that her daughter absolutely loved the final piece which is always music to my ears. The appreciation for my work honestly means so much and if you’ve ever had some art from me, make sure to tag me if you post it anywhere as word of mouth helps to keep me drawing these amazing commissions from week to week. The support and love means more than you could ever know!

Love, always – B
*For commissions, please email me or get in touch on Instagram*
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