Wear A Bloody Mask

From 24th July in England, it becomes mandatory to wear a face covering/face mask when going to the shops. I’ve seen so many people kicking up a fuss about wearing a mask, saying they’ll simply stay indoors and not go out to the shops and honestly, it’s one of the most childish things I’ve ever heard.

The mask, be it a medical grade or just one you’ve picked up from eBay is there for your safety. The government isn’t asking you to wear one as a joke, or why would they bother? It’s been proven that wearing a mask can help protect you against such diseases as coronavirus, so quite frankly you’re a bit of a dick if you think it’s a stupid idea.

None of you kick up a fuss when asked to wear a seat belt if in a car, so really what’s the difference? You’re being asked to wear a mask to protect yourself and others when in a crowded place such as a supermarket. It’s not going to effect you in anyway by having a bit of fabric on your face, you’ll still be able to breathe, you’ll still be able to carry out your weekly shop it literally makes no difference to you at all, apart from the fact it could protect you from catching something orally.

Yes, you can still catch it from your hands or your eyes or any other way it could sneak into the body but my goodness, if wearing a mask can cut that risk even 10%, wouldn’t you want to do it? So basically, just wear your bloody mask. Thank you.

Love, always – B
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2 thoughts on “Wear A Bloody Mask

  1. Well said. Here in Spain we are used to it now. Unfortunately you will always have those who put themselves before others! But on a positive note parts of the world are steadily returning to normal and hopefully we will ultimately become closer (not physically, social distancing included here) having been through these times together!


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