Hey Hot Stuff

Anyone how knows me, knows I love sriracha. I have it on wedges, on fake meat, on vegetables, on salads. I have the original, the mayo the extra hot. I just bloody love the stuff, so why not dedicate a post to my favourite sauce?

What is it?

Sriracha is a speciality sauce all the way from Thailand. There’s chillis, salt, pepper, garlic, vinegar listed on the ingredients but overall it’s quite a secret recipe and I’m not surprised. Why give away a secrets of a sauce so good? Now if you’ve ever tried a ‘copy cat’ Sriracha, maybe like a hot rooster sauce, it’s just not the same. I personally would never stray away from the original, cause if it’s not broke – don’t fix it right?

Hot stuff.

So if you’re big into your hot sauces, on the Scoville scale orignal Sriracha scores a 2200. To compare this to something like Tabasco which is 3750 it’s really quite tame. I personally like that it’s got a sweet chilli kind of flavour but with more of a kick, making it perfect for literally anything!

Saucy bitch.

After doing some research, there’s actually a scientific fact around why people are so addicted to Sriricha – such as myself. This is to do with the Capsacin (a type of chilli pepper) and the dihydrocapsaicin (an irritant in chilli peppers) that creates a chemical reaction. This reaction tricks our nervous system into believing we’ve touched something extremely hot, a bit like boiling water. Due to this, our brain then releases endorphins to combat the heat we feel and giving us a natural high. Pretty cool right?

I want to know if you like Sriracha! I personally am obsessed with it at the moment when it’s mixed with some mustard. On a sausage bap, wedges, burger or pretty much anything else, it’s absolutely bomb so I’d definitely recommend trying it out!

Love, always – B
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