Candy & Harvey

I was super excited when Jenna got in touch with me to create a super meaningful portrait for her mum’s birthday. She wanted to capture not only their current cat Harvey but also Candy, who’s sadly not with us anymore. I think creating an illustration as a memory or a way of putting pets new and old together is such a beautiful way to capture and remember them by.

Reference images.

First of all, can we just take a second to look at how cute Candy looks on this chair. I think it looks like she’s having a proper good time at a birthday party. Harvey is such a different type of cat to Candy but that’s what makes it all the better. If you’ve seen my two dogs you know, opposites are just the cutest together. I love how piercing Harvey’s eyes are and how fluffy Candy is!

The final piece.

I really love how this picture came out and having their names along with some little dots really bring some character to it as well. Jenna was super happy with the final piece and her mum absolutely loved receiving it for her birthday.

If you have a birthday coming up and think a pet portrait would be a perfect gift, pop me a message on Instagram or send me an email, I’d love to make your vision come to life!

Love, always – B
*For commissions, please email me or get in touch on Instagram*
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