Do What You Want

2020. What a year it’s been so far. Most of us have been stuck in our homes for half of it and honestly, it’s actually felt like it’s gone past in a blink of an eye to me, I don’t know who else thinks this? Now that lockdown is easing and we can finally start to be social butterflies again, I’ve decided my new motto for 2020 is;

Do whatever the fuck you want.


I don’t want any of you to feel restricted because of other people’s opinions or because someone you live with or is related to doesn’t agree.

You want to go out for a drink when other people say it’s not safe? Go for a bloody drink. Take hand sanitizer and take whatever precautions are needed, but don’t let it stop you.

You want to nip to the shops to just have a browse for new clothes or home decor? Put on your mask and spend a little bit of money on something that makes you happy. It could be some joggers cause you’re working from home, it could be a plant to make you happy or if you are able to go to work, maybe you fancy a new lipstick. TREAT YOURSELF.

Want to go on a holiday but the people around you say ‘don’t travel unless essential’? Get yourself on google and book yourself a holiday. Whether it’s abroad, a staycation or just a night in the city, go for it! Memories are forever and you can almost guarantee the memories you make on the trip will be more fulfilling than staying at home.

Still feel cautious about going out and want to stay at home? That’s absolutely fine! Put your comfies on, whack a film on, get out your favourite book and get yourself a cheeky takeaway or maybe some cake. Doing what you want doesn’t mean going out, it means doing what makes you feel comfortable and happy. If that’s staying home then more power to you!

Basically, whatever the situation is, providing you feel it’s safe to do so, don’t feel pressured and you take the correct precautions to decrease the risk of potentially catching something, I say go for it.

2020’s taken enough time away from us, it’s time to do whatever the fuck we want either in our own home or out and about. Who’s with me?

Love, always – B
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5 thoughts on “Do What You Want

  1. I like the idea of not caring about what others think. I’ve been doing this a lot more lately. Its so freeing isn’t it? The only opinion that matters is your own ❤


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