Cool As A Cucumber

Cucumbers my friends, are very underrated. I love them in salads, on burgers, as a snack, with guac (hey I rhymed and didn’t even realise) and they’re really good for you. So not only should you get them in whilst you can, here’s a bunch of reasons why they’re so great for you!

It’s a fruit and it’s great.

Although people use cucumbers as a vegetable, it’s actually a fruit – little fact for you there. There’s also a bunch in nutrients in a cucumber. There’s vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, manganese and not only this, it’s also super high in water content (96%), so it’ll keep you hydrated.


You know me, I love a good antioxidant. They help to stop chronic illnesses from happening and can help with heart, lung and autoimmune diseases. In cucumbers there’s flavonoids and tannins, which help to prevent the build up of harmful free radicals.

Lower blood sugar.

Test tube studies have shown that cucumbers may help reduce blood sugar levels and help to prevent some complications of diabetes. They can also help to reduce oxidative stress, which is the imbalance of production of free radicals.

Helps to promote healthy bowels.

Eating cucumbers can help to support regular bowel movements. This is due to their high water content. As I’m sure you know, dehydration can cause constipation and make the passing of food very difficult. By eating cucumber, not only do you get the high water content but there’s also fiber which is great for the gut.

Overall, they’re such a great food to add to your diet. I’d love to know how you enjoy cucumbers, so be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Love, always – B
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12 thoughts on “Cool As A Cucumber

      1. Are u plant based pretty much? It is amazing definitely and u have to wonder how much pain suffering premature death and pollution could be prevented if populations shifted plant dominant in terms of meals. Thanks again !!!

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      2. I am completely vegan Donovan. I was 90% plant based for a couple of years before making the full move in January. I’ve never felt better for it, not just for myself but also in terms of the environment and animals 😊

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      3. I had an interesting experience. I added fish once per week back into my diet. Seemingly unrelated, a couple weeks later an old injury from karate started acting up in my hand. It hurt constantly and even more when lifting weights. I figured it’s cause I’m 41, guess this happens. Still, I was puzzled because nothing in my fitness regime changed. Then I realized the only thing new was the fish. I stopped it and about 2 weeks later the pain was gone. Fascinating…

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      4. After being vegan a while it feels like ur new normal. U don’t realize how going back to animal products changes ur baseline…and how even a little stirs up such inflammation. Anyway, thanks again and love the posts!!

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