Rhythm 108 M’lk & Hazelnut Truffle Tablet

Earlier this year when these bars were released I feel like the whole of Instagram went absolutely mad for them. At the time of release (probably lucky for me) we were in the middle of a lockdown in the UK and this meant my trips to certain supermarkets were limited, purely because it wasn’t essential for me at the time. Now though, as we’re out of lockdown I couldn’t resist a trip to my local Sainsbury’s to treat myself to one of the bars that everyone’s been banging on about on my feeds for the past few weeks.

From what I’d heard they were exactly like milk chocolate with vibes of Guylian sea shell truffles and my goodness, before I was vegan those sea shells were my life, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some and as I said, the bar just fell into my basket the last time I went to Sainsbury’s.

Worth the hype?

Now disclaimer here, I’m a chocolate in the fridge kind of girl. I know for this reason the truffle part and maybe even the texture of the chocolate itself could be distorted but as I eat all my chocolate from the fridge my opinion will of course be based on the same aspects as every other bar I’ve ever had. So first up, the chocolate. It’s the perfect part of creaminess, smoothness and sweetness that I’d want from a vegan milk chocolate. I find that unless I’ve chosen to eat dark chocolate, I prefer the flavour to be less rich and this bar definitely hit all those spots.

For the truffle, I’ll be honest I wanted it to be nuttier. Now, this could be as I was basing my opinion on them being a dupe for the Guylian sea shells which of course, the bar isn’t made to be, but I had that little bit of hope inside of me. The texture of the truffle and the flavour though was still spot on, I just wanted that little bit more.

Where to get yours.

Now, I’m not going to say this bar is going to break the bank but it’s also £3.60 for one 100g bar, so it’s going to more of a treat rather than a weekly shop purchase if you get my drift. Let me put this into perspective for you though. You’d happily spend £6 on a piece of cake as dessert as a restaurant, so what’s £3.60 on a bar of chocolate you can have all to yourself with a nice cup of tea and a great film whilst being all cosy. There’s no competition, I’d choose the chocolate bar everytime.

You can either pick one up from your local Sainsbury’s at £3.60 or you can head on over to Rhythm 108’s website and pick up a pack of 3 for £10.80. I hate to say this C word this early in the year, but the 3 pack is a great idea of a stocking filler for Christmas for those vegan’s in your life. Or even to have yourself when everyone else is scoffing that tin of Quality Streets.

I’ve loved all Rhythm 108 products I’ve tried so far, so if you do pop into store or place an order I’d recommend picking up their other items too. For my reviews on them, head to the links below;

Rhythm 108 Sweet ‘n’ Salty Almond bar
Rhythm 108 Swiss Chocolate Truffle Eggs

Love, always – B
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