Workout For You

If you’re not into exercise or working out this may not be the post for you, but I urge you to read it anyway as it might make you think a little more differently about why you’d do it. I’d like to start by saying working out doesn’t mean sweating your absolute bag off or going to the gym, it could be going for a long walk, doing some stretches, it’s basically what works for you as that what it should be for.

What feels good for your body?

I’ve been on my fitness journey for a few years now. It started with me wanting to tone up, then it was about building muscle and now I’m quite happy with where I am, so instead I’m trying to build up my fitness in terms of cardio, to see how far I can push my body. Now as I mentioned before, this won’t be the same for everyone. There’s days I don’t want to exercise at all and I don’t push myself in anyway, after all I simply like to move my body each day so this might just be a 45 minute walk with the dogs or a little 15 minute dance workout.

What you need to do is work out what feels good for you. I personally workout mainly for the after effects. After I’ve worked out, I feel like I’ve achieved something and in turn tend to feel more productive within myself. That could be whether I’ve done an hour workout or a quick 15 minutes, the after is always the same endorphins that make me feel that way.

It’s not about losing weight.

I think a lot of people have the misconception that people work out to lose weight and I can tell you now this couldn’t be further from the truth. I personally don’t look at weight, it’s never been something I’m concerned with. For me it’s more about feeling good in my body and my mind. Yes, don’t get me wrong I much prefer the aesthetics of how my body looks now compared to 4 years ago when I didn’t work out at all but it’s also a slow progress for what I wanted.

I’m all about body positivity and it should be about what your body can achieve, rather than what body you want. How your body can make you feel rather than feeling fed up about your body. By just shifting your thoughts slightly, you can definitely start to think about how you can move your body for you, rather than what you think it should be for.

Find what works best for you, there’s so many different types of workouts out there and I’d advise checking YouTube for everything from Yoga, to no jumping workouts, to HIIT, to dance workouts and weighted workouts. There’s something for everyone out there and you don’t need to pay for a gym to do it. After all, going for a walk in the fresh air doesn’t even require a sports bra. So why not treat yourself?

I’d love to know what kind of exercise you love and makes you feel good? At the moment I love how happy and energised a good dance workout gets me.

Love, always – B
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10 thoughts on “Workout For You

  1. I have been practicing Taekwondo since my 40’s & I also have dabbled with Zumba & lately found a really good Yoga teacher. During lockdown I started doing shred programmes as all the class room based stuff pretty much was out. The fitness stuff is delivered by an app that really works well as you can adapt it to your fitness goals etc. Done the odd run but haven’t done any serious running for a while as too hard on the knees!
    I walk daily sometimes twice for about 40mins( dogless dog walks since we don’t have dogs atm)😃important to find what you enjoy & what works with your lifestyle that allows a degree of consistency is what seems to work best 👍🏻

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      1. 😂I wish but as you get older you definitely have to work harder to stay in shape & challenge yourself otherwise you can ‘talk yourself’ or be ‘talked into believing by others’ that you can’t or shouldn’t be doing stuff. At a 138 lockdown workouts plus I’ve almost got abs for the first time ever 😂😂

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      2. That’s amazing go you! I think a lot of it is to do with mindset so as long as you want to do something, you’ll go far. I pushed myself too hard this week so I’ve got a muscle injury in my calf but rather than giving up, I’ll just focus on stretching and yoga ✌🏼

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