Modesty Doesn’t Equal Respect

Gals, guys, mums, dads, sisters, brothers, my friends.. this goes out to all of you! Respect doesn’t come from the clothes you wear, the way you present yourself to the world. Respect comes from the way you conduct yourself and treat others, it’s really that simple.

The culture of thinking it’s acceptable to touch someone’s arse because they’re wearing little shorts, touching someone’s biceps because they’re wearing a vest and sometimes it can go further than this, is not in any way okay. It’s also not the start of any relationships I’ve heard about, so if you’re guilty of being this kind of person, for the love of God, please stop. It’s harassment.

Now, I’m aware that people may wear low cut tops, revealing vests or little skirts as they want to show off their amazing boobs, toned legs or muscly arms but this is because they’re goddamn proud of them. Look, if you want to get your body out that’s completely fine by me and no doubt I’m the kind of person that will be like ‘wow, look at those boobs’ or ‘oo, they’ve got lovely arms’. This is what is acceptable. I’m not going to speak to that person and instead of looking at their face look at their tits, just because they’ve chosen to get them out, that’s disrespectful.

Don’t stereotype.

If someone has blonde hair, this doesn’t make them dumb. If someone wears glasses, this doesn’t mean they’re a nerd. Stereotypes of people being a certain way due to how someone looks or dresses drives me up the wall! Showing skin doesn’t mean someone is ‘easy’ or has no respect for how they’re treated. It actually shows a hell of a lot of confidence and more power to them. Treat everyone, no matter what, with respect. Get to know a person before judging them.

So please, if you ever feel ‘oo, this skirt is maybe too short, people will think XYZ’ get that thought right out of your head! You wear what you want and make sure that anyone that does speak to you doesn’t put you down but treats you with the upmost respect that you truly deserve. After all, if someone treats you a certain way due to how you look, that says more about them than it does about you.

Afterall, a woman or man shouldn’t have to be modest to be respected.

Love, always – B
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5 thoughts on “Modesty Doesn’t Equal Respect

    1. You’re so welcome Kristen. It’s all about not judging people and respecting people for who they are, not how they dress or what they look like!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙌🏼


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