It’s such an upsetting time for so many people when a pet passes away. They become a big part of any family and whether they’re with us for 7 years or 15 years, it’s just as heartbreaking. When a family friend’s cat passed away after such a long time of being with us, both my mum and sister-in-law wanted to help create a pet commission of Milli as a memory and honestly, I think it’s such a lovely thought and thing to do.

Almost without a hitch.

Whilst I was getting reference pictures from my mum to create the illustration, Milli’s owner actually got in touch to ask for me to do a commission for her and I had to casually get the picture that she’d like to be drawn of Milli and then ‘forget’ to ask her for any money or further information. This way it stayed as a lovely surprise for her when it was received, but at least she got the picture from the reference she provided.

The picture she chose was this lovely one of Milli lying down. I personally love a cat lying down, as I think it’s just so super cute and allows me to draw all of their markings!

The final image.

I kept the image quite plain, only putting Milli’s name onto the final image. I always love drawing cats as I think they have such pretty features and Milli was no exception.

Whether you know someone who’s recently lost a pet or maybe you’ve lost your own, my thoughts are with you and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to create a memory you can keep forever with me. Prices start from £20 for digital only and £25 for prints. The best way to get in touch is either via email or DM on Instagram. All my links are below.

Love, always – B
*For commissions, please email me or get in touch on Instagram*
I’d also love for you to check out my Etsy shop here: beccabynature


3 thoughts on “Milli

  1. We put down the cat we got our first year of marriage when he turned 18 years. By then we had 2 girls climb into teen years, and lost our father in law. U mourn the pet and the years that have gone by

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