Healthy Vegan Nik Naks?!

If you didn’t have a pack of Nik Naks, Discos or Wotsits as part of your packed lunch as a kid and absolutely demolish them within a minute, what happened? Nik Naks were the ‘in’ crisps when I was at school. Oh do you remember the days of worrying about which flavour crisps your mum had packed and if someone would swap if you didn’t like them, rather than whether you can afford that fancy holiday you’ve been eyeing up for a few weeks now. Oh those were the days.

Anyway, when I got my The Vegan Kind box in August, I was super happy to see a pack of these Well & Truly Crunchies as they not only looked exactly like Nik Naks (which I think may be vegan anyway) but they also said they were a lot better for you. If something tastes just how I want it to and is better for me, then you goddamn know I’m going for the healthier option.

Crunchy as hell.

The Well & Truly website speaks volumes to me. I love a brand with a personality and on their ‘who we are’ page they say; Naughty flavour. Nice ingredients. No bland-tasting nonsense. Here’s to unjunked snacks snacks that make you feel a bit cheeky. Because being good all the time gets pretty boring.

I couldn’t agree more and relating to a brand is always a winner to me! In my box, I got the Smokey Paprika flavour and they were everything I wanted from a healthy Nik Nak.

Crunchy, nobbly and full of flavour. What more do you want?

So, what makes them healthy?

Okay, so let’s get into the ‘boring’ stuff. Well it’s actually not for me! The crisps have all natural ingredients, 40% less fat than the average crisps like this and they’re gluten free. In a bag, (30g) there’s 4.7g fat and only 1g of sugar which for a bag of crisps is really really good! I loved this flavour as it was spicy, sweet and smokey all at the same time. I’d love to try their other flavours so I’ll definitely be looking out for them when I’m out and about!

Where to get yours? Head over to the Well & Truly website here: Well&Truly.

Love, always – B
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