Hip Dips Are Normal

It actually infuriates me seeing workout videos, Instagram posts and articles about how to tackle hip dips. Hip dips are part of the human anatomy, some of us have them and some of us don’t it’s as simple as that. Now yes, you may be able to make them less noticeable by tightening your core and ‘losing those love handles’, but I don’t want anyone to think their bodies strange because they have them and for this reason, they need to do something about it. So let’s talk hip dips..

My experience.

When I started my serious fitness journey (we call it that because all the times before I’ve given up after a month or two) around 3 years ago, I remember buying myself some new leggings to motivate myself and because quite frankly the others were crap! I put them on and my eye was immediately drawn to my hips. I had these in and out curves which caused me to be less hourglass and more hip dippy. I wasn’t happy and I immediately googled how to get rid of them and I know I’m not the only one to have done this!

I found workouts to tackle my ‘hip dips’ and started to do them week in and week out as I didn’t want tight fitting clothes to reveal my hip dips. Now I think it’s time to say, I’ve never been bigger than a size 8 and although yes, I had some body fat it wasn’t to the point of needing to lose it, my journey’s always been more of tone up and gain muscle kind of one. The fact I even felt ashamed of my body and focused on this for such a long time upsets me, because if I can do that at the size I am, I know other people will do the same and I don’t want anyone to do this.

After months of doing the hip dip workouts I noticed that yes, they weren’t as prominent but my goodness, they were still there. Losing my motivation, I googled ‘how to get rid of hip dips’ and low and behold, I found out the truth.

The truth about hip dips.


Hip dips are naturally occurring, NATURALLY OCCURRING, inward curves. It’s essentially determined by the shape of your pelvis and if you had no skin or muscle, your skeleton would show where your hip dips are or in some cases aren’t. Long story short, ya mamma and dadda gave them to you!

As hip dips are all to do with your bone structure, yes you can minimise the appearance through toning and losing fat but you’re never going to get rid of them. I’m 3 years into exercising and trust me, they’re still there!

People lie.

The videos about how to lose them are lies. They will reduce but not magically make them disappear. You’re also probably thinking, well I don’t know any fitness vloggers, instagrammers or athletes with hip dips. This is only as they pose in particular ways so you can’t see them and quite honestly, this is how not noticeable they are. I can almost guarantee you’ve never looked at a photo of someone aside from yourself, be it someone famous or someone who lives down the street and thought, ‘oh look at them hip dips’. THAT’S BECAUSE NO ONE EVEN NOTICES THEM.

Rock your hip dips.

Whether you have hip dips, you’ve never realised you have hip dips or you don’t have hip dips, all this post it about is owning what your bodies given you and being confident about it. Wearing something a bit tight and you can see those little indents, YOU ROCK THEM. Never mind ‘have you seen how small my waist is?’ that’s so 1990, let’s point out and normalise ‘hey, have you seen my hip dips, aren’t they fabulous’. After all, that skeleton’s allowing you to walk, move and do everything you can.

Be proud of your hip dips. Own them. Love them. Rock them.

Love, always – B
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