Tigers are most definitely some of the most gorgeous big cats on the planet. They’ve been around for around 2 million years ago and my god, that’s a long time isn’t it! So let’s learn more about these gorgeous creatures that have roamed the Earth longer than us!

They’re endangered.

In the last 150 years the amount of tigers on our planet has shrunk by the almighty amount of 95%. Now that’s crazy! It’s estimated there’s currently just under 4,000 left in the wild and that’s scarily upsetting isn’t it? Around 3,000 of these tigers are in India.

Thanks to the likes of ‘The Tiger King’ and ‘Big Cat Rescue’ there’s actually more tigers in the US than in the wild. Although this means there’s a lot of tigers, they’re not of course in their natural habitat and many are enclosed into spaces and treated in ways that cause them great distress, so it’s not the best life.

Night time hunters.

During a night hunting, a tiger can travel up to 12 miles and thanks to their soft toe pads, they’re almost silent. They mainly hunt deer but also on occasion boar, it’s completely dependent on what they find on their hunts. Only around 10% of their hunts are successful and one hunt can provide them with enough food for around one week, so this gives them plenty of time to get another successful hunt.

When they do get say a deer for example, they drag the carcass away from the eyes of others. If they left the area, they’d also cover the remains to make sure others aren’t able to see it. They do this by dragging over rocks, grass and dirt so it’s not able to be found.

Chit chat.

Tigers have a great language and use different moans, grunts, hisses, gasps and snarls to communicate with others.

Even though they’re chatty, they’re very solitary animals. Apart from mothers with their cubs, they live alone and mark their territory with their scent to let other tigers know their ground is taken.

The life of a tiger.

Much like the human fingerprint, each tiger’s markings are unique to them. They can live for up to 26 years in the wild and during a female’s life, they give birth to around 2 – 4 cubs every two years. Survival is difficult for cubs and around 50% won’t survive to adult life.

Tigers are the biggest of Asian big cats and they can weigh up to 660 pounds, which is one hefty cat!

If you want to support tigers, to help stop them from being endangered a big step is switching to forest friendly products. This means less rubber shoes, less wine corks and in turn, less trees will be cut down for human use.

You can pledge this on the following link: WWF
There’s also more information about how you help tigers here: WCS // WWF India

Love, always – B
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