For Pugs Sake

Okay, I recently mentioned I was going to start a dog breed series and with this series, will come stickers, prints and more that you’ll be available to buy from my shop. Hands up if you’re as excited as me?!

I was thinking where to start and it made complete sense for me to start with a pug. After all, I have my gorgeous Bruno that was the first pug that brought so much joy to my heart. As I know pug lovers are all a bit obsessed like me (I think) I wanted to cover all bases and for this reason, I’m going to offer both a fawn and black pug image on my Etsy in both sticker and print form. Although they aren’t released just yet, let me know via DM on Instagram or email if you’re interested and I can speed up the process just for you!

What better way to celebrate each breed by doing a little post with a few interesting facts about them?

Pugs and kisses.

  • Pugs were originally bred for Chinese emperors to sit on their laps and live the royal life. If you have a pug, I’m sure you’ll be very aware that they have to be sitting with you at all times, so this is definitely a trait that’s been passed down the generations.
  • If you’re lucky enough to be in the company of more than one pug, this is called a grumble. I mean, can it get any cuter?
  • In the 18th century, marmoset monkeys were kept as pets and nicknamed ‘pugs’. This was carried onto what we now know as pugs, due to their similar appearance. Well, they both have flat faces and similar colours.
  • They’re very adaptable to their environment. If you like the outdoors, they’ll be energetic and run around with you, if you prefer to stay at home and cuddle, they won’t be complaining either. They’re very reliable on their owners so will do whatever makes them happy and accompanied.
  • Queen Victoria was a big lover of pugs and owned several. She also banned the cropping of their ears so people could enjoy their velvety feel.
  • Pugs sleep on average for around 14 hours a day.

Did you learn something new there? Let me know which breed you’d like to see next!

Love, always – B
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2 thoughts on “For Pugs Sake

  1. Pugs are awesome! My dad has a pug; she’s technically his dog now but she used to be my dog. My dad wouldn’t let me take her when I moved out! She goes by 2 different names: Zoë or Zoey.


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