Stop Apologising For Your Emotions

This goes out to everyone. There’s no need to ever apologise for a way you feel. Whether you’re happy, sad, crying, worried or feeling overwhelmed that’s okay. There’s no need to apologise. Feeling is part of being a human, it’s what helps us stand out from a lot of other animals. We have a multitude of emotions that we not only feel but also convey across to others.

I know I will often hold back tears because I feel people will come over and start mollycoddling me (is that the right word) or judge me for how I’m feeling in relation to a situation. I’ll then say something like ‘sorry for getting upset’ and when I think about it, why the hell am I apologising for feeling a certain way? Showing your emotions and letting them out is a much more honest way of being and it’s nothing to be sorry for.

It’s the same with happiness. If we become overly happy about a situation and maybe someone else isn’t feeling the same, we’ll apologise for rubbing our good mood in their faces (so to say). If you’re in a good mood, own it. It’s not all the time that this happens, we all have bad days, blah days and don’t even care days. When we do have happy days, let’s live them to the extreme and get everything we can out of that feeling.

Next time you think about holding in your emotions or apologising to someone around you for feeling a certain way, just stop. Think to yourself, is showing your true emotions not okay? Because, it is. Feel those feels and never apologise for quite simply, being you. Who’s with me?!

Love, always – B
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