Choc Caramel & Almond Butter Nature Bombs

Just the name of these draws me in, anyone else? A nature bomb, now that sounds tasty to me! As always, I get the best snacks in my The Vegan Kind subscription box each month and September was no exception. When I pulled these Tribe nature bombs out, I knew they’d be a winner. Healthy, chocolatey, caramelly and almond butter inside – what’s not to love?

Nature bomb.

So let me tell you what these actually are. They are a nut butter filled ball covered in chocolate. They have 8g plant protein, 60% less sugar than the leading protein balls, they contain 10 vitamins and minerals and less than 100 calories per bomb.

These are the perfect on the go snack for a perk up of energy, for a pick me up after the gym or honestly, just as a more healthy delicious snack whenever the hell you like.

I got the chocolate caramel and almond butter balls in my box and they couldn’t be more me. I love almond and of course caramel and the taste of these didn’t disappoint. They didn’t taste proteiny (you know what I mean) and they were super sweet without being sickly. The 2 balls were the perfect amount to satisfy my needs and honestly, I wish I had more in my house (although it’s probably best I don’t). I knew they were going to be good but I didn’t realise just how much I’d like them.

I’m looking forward to trying the other flavours when I place an order. They also have Choc and Cashew butter, as well as Choc and hazelnut butter flavours. Which would be your favourite?

Love, always – B
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